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Trusted Masonry Repair in Saint John

Are you looking to build a new commercial property? Or do you want to renovate your existing property? Then you’d surely require the services of a masonry contractor for masonry repair in Saint John. Choose E D Masonry Ltd. - the trusted name for quality workmanship and prompt construction and repair solutions. Whether you need a new structure built or masonry repairs done, we've got you covered. Our services are available for a range of needs, ensuring that your masonry needs are met with the utmost care and attention. Our construction and masonry repair services in Saint John are available for the following:

In addition, you can also count on us to deliver quality masonry cleaning and masonry tuckpointing. Contact us today to hire us for commercial masonry repair services and get a free estimate. 

Commercial Masonry Services in Saint John

At ED Masonry Ltd., we assure you of our quality workmanship that results in durable structures. Whether you require fresh stonework installation on your patio or need to refurbish your old fireplace, we are a trustworthy company you can rely on. Our guarantee is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Masonry Repair Services

Regardless of how sturdy the masonry is, it will eventually get damaged. Call E D Masonry Ltd. for masonry repair in Saint John. You can save money by repairing masonry than purchasing a new one. Common damages you can count on us to repair include joints, bulges, cracks and gaps between two bricks. We offer a variety of masonry repair services, including chimneys and retaining walls.

Regular Maintenance to Prevent Masonry Issues in Saint John

Regular maintenance is essential to prevent masonry issues in Saint John.


  • Cleaning your masonry annually with mild detergent and water removes dirt, efflorescence, and watermarks.

  • Unclogging weep holes ensures proper drainage and prevents water damage caused by freezing.

  • Use a bleach solution and a non-steel bristle brush to eliminate moss, mould, and mildew.

  • Trim plant growth to avoid damage to mortar.

  • Apply sealant safeguards against water damage and UV rays.

  • If extensive deterioration occurs, repointing may be necessary.


Our team is here to help with all your maintenance and repair needs. Count on us to maintain the durability and aesthetic appeal of your masonry.

We Have a Great Reputation in the Business Community

E D Masonry Ltd. has worked for businesses, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, heritage properties, pulp mills and more.

Our Approach Continues to Result in Repeat Business

Several of our business clients have referred us to others because of our excellent workmanship standards and our pride in performing masonry as it should be. We do the job right the first time and follow up with you even after the project is finished to see if you are satisfied.

Courtesy and Extensive Knowledge Is Just a Phone Call Away

Our company values our clients and strives to maintain a welcoming and amicable environment. We make it a priority to address all of your questions and offer transparent and trustworthy expert guidance throughout the entire process.

Chimney and Smokestack Concerns

What happens if you leave a chimney or smokestack damaged and not repair it? There is a big risk of fire. Such incidents can damage your structures, sometimes destroying entire homes or businesses and badly injuring people, all because your chimney or smokestack was no longer solid.


Don’t let this happen to you. Contact us to schedule your masonry work today!

Hiring Professional Masonry Contractors

At E D Masonry Ltd., we are your trusted provider of professional masonry repair in Saint John. With our expertise in working with brick and concrete, we deliver exceptional results for your projects. Our experienced contractors swiftly assess issues, using the right materials to save you time and money.


As a reputable company, we are fully insured, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the project. We offer tailored maintenance plans to preserve your masonry's condition and enhance property value. With efficient execution and professional project management, E D Masonry Ltd. ensures timely completion and adherence to your specifications.

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